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success. There is an overflow pipe from the cesspool, which is perfectly

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Gynecologic Surgery Symposium, Jan. 20-25, Royal Biscayne

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In the ten years, 1871-80, the ratio for syphilis, both primary and secon-

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Ransom found that fine fabrics began to scorch at 255° to 260° Fahr.

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Stephen M. Kreitzer, M.D., and Dirk W. Suringa, M.D.,

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Kathy Tignor — Age 12 — North Palm Beach — “Scratch Board” (Still Life)

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observations on ozone in the Bombay Presidency has been made by Dr. Cook.

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ing ; but from its very justice and regularity, and from its judiciousness,

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severe contusion and/or infarction, fibrosis and thinning,

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strata is sufficient to afford good surface drainage. Clays are generally to

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sary to go into more detail on this point. Professor Longmore uses in the Army Medi-

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there are stations in India itself (Darjeeling, for example) as high as any

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trays of 4 reverse-numbered boxes of 25, and in boxes containing

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milk Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be

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endorsement of the role of surgery in massive pulmonary

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Philadelphia College of Physicians June 6, 1883, Dr. Mitchell and Capt.

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in the same way by allowing absorption. There are, however, other cases

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that its petition for enforcement of its opinion and order was

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agree that they are caused by an insufficient supply of fresh air. The

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family can enjoy the excellent recreational facilities of the Air

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favorably influenced the final rules for the collection of

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information: Asher Marks, M.D., Chairman, Pulmonary Wintercourse

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W. Robert Hudgins, MD Casey E. Patterson, MD (Retired)

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diagnosis of pulmonary nodules has been successful and

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to these amounts calculated from the table, which is easy enough.