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There are a few points which require attention. The amount of sick-

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advantages of climate are almost removed. The Indian Sanitary Commis-

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with the Palm Beach County Health Department in 1969,

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deaths in the United States, accounting for some 8,000 to

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If these numbers are compared with those of men serving at home, it

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trauma and the frequent need for immediate surgical

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bances Allergic Urticaria, rash, ecchymosis. erythema Endocrine

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stood, adjust the vernier so that its lowest line accurately corresponds to

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the same time most simple and most useful. It will be admitted that the

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the proportion in all England and Wales was only 44.5 per cent, of the

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did a committee of pathologists study this condition and

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percentage of physicians whose major function is that of pri-

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the soldiers' rations at about 35 per cent, under market price. This has

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exits are chiefly under the balconies, so that there is a general movement

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needle biopsy of the pancreas. Surg Gynecol Obstet 140:361 -364, 1 975.

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hot air, saturated with vapor, impinges on a chain of lofty hills over which

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that of Minnesota or Colorado, is the best for some cases ; and, on the other

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Review (PMUR) Chaired by Frank B. Hodnette, M.D. The Committee

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For those who enjoy the nostalgia of country cures and patent remedies,

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tration of low-flow oxygen decreased the frequency. Peak

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Yank D. Coble Jr., M.D., Jacksonville, Scientific Activities

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Of course, extreme care in conservancy of wards or tents, the immediate

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Pneumopericardium in association with IRDS is more com-

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deals with the question, its provisions having come into operation on

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increased reliance upon the FMA by members of the Florida news

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thought to be, or is complained of as being in an unsanitary condition, the

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or her to please call me and go over that part again. Some-

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8. Nathaniel Ryan, Saratoga, Buckingham County, Virginia, to Edmund W. Hubard,

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Call Collect / Person to Person An Equal Opportunity Employer

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