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Case XVII. — I will say the same of a case taken from M. Ulrich, (Journ.

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• developed pyogenic cocci, but failed to give any Indication of ppst"

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Case II. (as drawn up by Mr. Christophers.) — Elizabeth Dixon, aged

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Vienna, however, asserts, " That a dram of arsenic in powder does not

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plished chemist has published his ingenious procedure for liquefying and

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chemistry; 6, those of nervous origin; 7, those caused by ab-

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dom use soap, but that some anoint the body with oil,

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surgical treatment. He thinks it is allowable to. make an

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sometimes accompanied by stunted growth of the whole body.

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cases of this disease, no matter whether in the testicle

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Attrition and Distension, by T. W. King. 12. On Morbid Flattening or

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Treated by the following: — R. Tr. opii 3 ss. ; acid. nit. gtt. iii. ; aq.

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ligation. He reports three cases in detail and remarks in con-

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skin and muscles gave no evidence of having been struck, but there was a

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on "Immunity Against Zymotic Diseases," by Dr. J. W. Class,

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while the case has been previously reported" as one of

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▼, Hft. 8 ; also, Kebr-Halberstadt, MOnch. Med. Woch., Ma; 22, 1900.

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Case 90. — Operator. Gross.: 1891. Dorsal region; duration. 1

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or lime water. Kumyss or allied preparations may be tried,

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of the blood and blood-forming organs, but also of the

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pies a very different position. So far this is quite right. But

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Drainage After Abdominal

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tn historical exhibit of ophthalmoscopes and is endeavoring to

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cicatrix ; and had an imperfect scar. The youngest of the eleven was set. 5,

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ing the past year, and that in the great majority of cases there

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suspected infectious or febrile conditions following labor

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Chinese Sanitation in Victoria, B. C. — ^There is a com-

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prove that the oxalic a<ad is not an end product of

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menstruation from the stomach ceasing as long as the instrument retained

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will consist of: 1, pathologic and bacteriologic preparations

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fested by its ability to take up acid or alkaline staining

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only on the score of primary atrophy; 4, wasting of

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Case 2.— (St. Mary's HospiUl Reports for 1898.) An adult,

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tions substituted for the cold ones on the first sign of haziness

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?:landalar edema and uniformly enlarged and reddened glands wers

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for the Ii:i^ane Poor of the Commonwealth. (By a Committee, of whom the

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Epilepsy. -Boih of these cases will be given hereafter, inasmuch as they

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as here to employ the wives of clergymen, and other socially

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has often very little sense of justice as regards the med-

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contained two ounces of chocolate-coloured matter. Mucous membrane

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dyspnea. Since exertion and excitement increase the symptoms

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was probably an auxiliary set of tubercle; — about second

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quick; abdomen hard, shrunk, not painful to the touch. Answers some-