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vision for their enforcement, have long been so much dead matter. We
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Surgeon-General's Office, Washington, 1867) that "the general tenor of army experience
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climates is a task of great difficulty. Long-continued high temperature,
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tilled water ; or, dissolve 2.25 grammes of crystallized oxalic acid in
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cushions, mattresses or covers of any sort. Indeed, we
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1,000. In 1880 there was a very considerable increase. Digestive dis-
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on some elementary points of statistics, which are necessary to secure the
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"febris icterodes," or bilious remittent, which has attacked Euroj^eans,
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an increase of carbon to be given in the food. There seems a general ac-
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cause of the spread of cholera in India. The Report of the Cholera Committee (In-
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differentiation of large duct obstruction from other causes of
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Richard Conti, M.D., of Gainesville, the College’s
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Indications: For relief of the inflammatory manifestations of corticosteroiid
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a drier atmosphere than that of England, and Western Europe, and that
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3. Solutions required for the determination of Oxidizable Matter in Water.
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soldier, or depressing him from ennui ; the moral effect of cheerfulness,
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are recommended; therapy should be discontinued if a signifi-
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