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the early lesions of sporotrichosis are mistaken for bacterial
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Dennison, of Colorado, who has written extensively upon this subject, con-
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are carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia (usually in the form of
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pressive symptoms or agitation; symptomatic relief of acute agita-
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bulb thermometers, two maximum thermometers, two minimum thermom-
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set in 1 970 for the 1 00 Texas rural counties. In July 1 978,
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ness and heaviness of the legs, fall in blood pressure, cardiac
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venient even than water. The Houses of Parliament are warmed by steam
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plan, simple and apparently rude as it is, can be adopted with advantage
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bones, remain in some soils for many centuries, and even for long periods
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fixation of the disc. The Cooley-Cutter valve (Fig. 3) is a
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How these difficulties are to be met is one of the most difficult prob-
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College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030
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Elaine S Waller, PharmD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, College of
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well suited to the entanglement of suspended matters. The clearance of
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District 4 — Charles E. Barrineau, M.D., 80 Palatka
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gout, and rheumatism are all benefited by high Alpine positions (H. Weber).
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Pathologically, proximal dissection includes DeBakey
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Tracheal Carina; J Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg. 58:1, 1969
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of Lower Bengal. Underneath the alluvial soil lies, in many places, the
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closer to the actual incidence of complications; this figure
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Society, 1853- 1953, Jacksonville, Duval County Medical Society. 1^54.
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likely to become encumbered seriously by accretion of solid matter.
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"When the air is stagnant cooling is less easy. In India it is often
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would like to thank you very much for your financial
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"Report of the Board of Health, New York, 1874-75, p. G57.
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staphylococcus sensitive to cloxacillin sodium, the physician is
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is probably the most convenient and efficient mode of improving the quality
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improvements advised by the Barrack Commissioners refer to a larger Avater
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To avoid exacerbation of disease or adrenal insufficiency, patients on prolonged
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to be due to the action of an organized ferment in the soil, 7 hence water
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Fbtients with paranoid symptomatology may have an exaggeration of such
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tioned at Maroon Town (2,000 feet above the sea) on the north side, and at
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reduced below 35 lb, and still the soldier would have really everything
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of the American contributions toward unravelling the mystery which sur-
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after the AM A withdrew from the Liaison Committee on Continuing Medical
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integrity, an outbreak still occurs, this cannot throw doubt on the correct-
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1 Since this date, tlie only change is the substitution of long boots for booted over-
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1 Gymnastic Exercises, etc., 1877. Mr. Maclaren has also published two other works
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The effect of these several reports, and especially of the earlier issues,
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sema in the newborn. J Can Assoc Radiol 21 : 273-279, 1970
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