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may occur, and is a particular hazard in digitalized

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petition for the best essay on the subject of food and drug adulteration,

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List affiliations for each author. If author’s present

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Chlorine decomposes hydrogen and ammonium sulphides at once, and

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perature of the water was 69°, the air passing through the spray was cooled

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bert Barker, 1 to be the best application ; a thin layer is put over the dead

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presentation on the grounds of Gainesville’s Shands

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traumatic group. Surgical intervention for symptomatic

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heatings are necessary so as to arrest each group at the proper time ; but

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counter or in a refrigerator where the label is not visible to the purchaser ;

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Dr. Kaiser is Professor and Chief, Division of Thoracic and

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i n the State of Florida. It shall report its activities regularly to the Board

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Kingdom was at the rate of 27.18 per 1,000, and the deaths were 8.18,

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recognition. According to the Council, most of these applications do

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retention of practical or useful information. The atmos-

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serves to explain the high level of susceptibility to

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1 It is right, however, to say that no medical officer ought to sacrifice his men in the

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table and, as the author learns, the surgeon, out of

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Usage in Pregnancy: Safe use in pregnancy has not been established relative

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potential for helping each other; that is, physicians wanted

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ment, to choose the camping ground ; arrange for surface drainage ; if

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St. Christopher’s Hospice, completed in 1967, at a cost

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