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Austin. Fee $240, ACP members, FACP residents & fellows; $320,
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inferred that epidemics of influenza might be produced by it. He attempted
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driven by ignition, 6 and many of the mineral salts present may be decom-
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ish, being aggravated by a reckless waste which the municipal authorities
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Since adequate numbers of qualified health professionals
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for the possible recurrence of pulmonary embolism and the
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strongly recommended open sheds aud gymnasia, and these are now being adopted.
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medical curriculum as well as in the latter two, formerly
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therapy is made immediately after angiography. If the
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points of junction with each other. Too much care cannot be taken in ex-
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Fifth Panamerican Seminar, Oct. 15-19, Wolfson Auditorium, Miami
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mortality of less than 2%, the poor survival rate is clearly
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Toracoscopia, Enfermedad de los Legionarios, Traumatismos de Torax,
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nature of the phlegmon and ulcers which form so large a proportion of the
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erate warming, ' and the same result has been found with the Galton stoves.
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As a starting point I have to believe that only a tiny
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(he nods toward Marguerite), there’s a town called Sacul.
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situations and thus establish usable criteria. Then, when
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5. The hazardous jungle of topical steroids (editorial). Lancet 2:487-488,
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charge of a specific area of the TEP’s operation. Patients
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chronic disease: Suggested dosage is 300, 400 or 600 mg t.i.d. or q.i.d. '
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and from which extracts were given in former editions. The army is greatly indebted
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The prevalence of venereal disease demands as much attention in India
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a good instance of the effect of changing the supply. At New Orleans rain, and in
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simultaneous exposure of the carotid artery while the
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area. Its physician provider group. North Central Texas Independent Practice Association, P.A. (NCTIPA). has
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more amenable to treatment. It is at this stage that