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aneroid compensated for temperature, and a thermometer to ascertain the
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described by Holman, 5 Telford, 6 Louis, 7 Baird 8 and
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reviewed a recommendation regarding adoption of an AMA proposed
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Using the posterior-anterior lung scan obtained with
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The outlet pipe must be carried to low water, and, if possible, should
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previously inoculated with killed vaccine may develop
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for subsoil drainage under a pipe drain, as in the plan proposed by Mr.
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serted in the upper side of the pipe, six inches below the crown of the
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tion to surgery, and positive findings in these procedures
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to increase it in the arteries and ventricles ; the filling < >f the ventricle
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however, spores in various stages may exist in the same fluid, successive
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Update of Shock — 1980, Jan. 8, Manatee Memorial Hospital
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they form most of the superficial accumulations, but occur also to some
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(tente conique) a cone, and the other having an upright wall 16 inches
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ment, and when a sewage farm is properly arranged it is not damp, and
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distension of the small bowel. Dr. Morris performed an
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within another year. No other rehabilitation facility in the
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endobronchial procedures in children. The flexible,
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for the State of Florida and the University of Miami
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Gulf and Atlantic coasts, the health authorities of those sections bear
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cardiac arrhythmias. V. Cardiac antiarrhythmic effects of lidocaine. Amer
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Louisiana. — The State of Louisiana passed a law in July, 1882, pro-
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should periodically reassess the usefulness of the drug
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Cattle Plague. — The experiments made by Mr. Crookes on the disinfect-
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toris have been reported, usually at the initiation
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carotid arteries. The use of this extrathoracic bypass
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operating a motor vehicle or other machinery or perform hazardous
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The three most important and widely spread classes of soil as here