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of peptic ulcer Theophylline may occasionally act as a local irritant to G.l tract
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A decrease of admissions in 1859-64 was chiefly owing to the compara-
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Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, and Dr. Temple, Senior
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3 As described by Woodward, Camp Diseases of the United States Armies, by J. J.
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tilation, with supplementary warming by hot air, so that more value is
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Effects of Increased Pressure. — The effects of increased pressure have
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1810 Murchison Dr., Suite 202. El Paso, Texas 79902; 915 545-2333
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month, Texas Medicine contacted physicians and news
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subtotal hysterectomy, 5 critical review of such cases
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gneiss, and hornblende granite rocks ; these have become greatly weathered
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tion: Dept, of Anesthesia, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 1200 N.W. 10th
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concepts forged in the blood and sweat, hopes and fears
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of surgery. These were the establishment of a number of
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mean, and subtract the latter from this mean, this gives the mean error in deficiency.
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distant metastases still is, in most cases, a contraindica-
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rocky strata over which it passed, and during the ensuing melting this
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cover the legs, thighs, and hips with flannel as the upper part of the body.
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the muscular action more vigorous and enduring, and to lessen the amount
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maternal transport referral system can reduce the transfer of
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- Gietl., Die Ursachen der enterischen Typhus in Miinchen, 1865, pp. 74 and 94.
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" Scotland," and a lower country consisting of a series of five gigantic ter-
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The cavalier surgeon was said to have been abusive of
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hind it, and appreciably corresponding, in intensity and duration, to the
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and the external work of a mechanic being 300 to 500 tons, this will
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noted Dr Jones, “but in Truk, we were not allowed to toucn
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national legislation designed to confirm the authority of the medical
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and that therefore they cannot conceive of any jDossible danger to the qual-
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Properties: Astringent and sedative; useful in diarrhec
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nearer approach to the equator, where, as for example at Enterprise, the
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that there is not only no loss, but a great gain, by enlisting men early.