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He then taught and went to school alternately, until of
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New York State and County Medical societies. He also belongs to
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The cervix wound healed by first intention, and the site of the
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and to its employment we owe our great and constant
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in constructing for the upper limb models which are
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The practical usefulness of such a work, and a work so admir-
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can save you. Will you not, therefore, utilize your death in the
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by A. M. Cushing, M.D., of Springfield ; " A Case of Membranous
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24, 1822, in Lebanon, N. Y., son of Deacon Lyman Smith Purple, and
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medical societies in the United States. Such has been
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both stiff, flexible, and elastic, and are quite capable of
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Microscopic Anatomy in the college from which he had
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small indentation of the artery or of the vein. If necessary
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shone forth, with very satisfactory results, at the meeting of the
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1856 to 1863, then removed to Chicago, Illinois, to become head of
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may be won at the cost of far slighter pain and peril than is
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sporadic cases during the time, only three or four cases of scarlet
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the demands of the system. The iron preparations seem to exert a specific
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thing calculated to promote the welfare o( the college;
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were effected by Dr. White, some of the cases having been classed
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ing eminence in his profession and becoming equally prominent in
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needed — the consent and present practice of the best authori-
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planted in a disposition for untiring work, which changed
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devotes the lime to the lectures and clinical work, allow-
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Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, New Jersey. With all of these
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would have been if that unfortunate dietetic transgression had
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scribed, with a liberal diet and rest enjoined. As the patient's
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Niagara combined their medical departments in 1898, Dr. Hubbell
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Foreign bodies derived from the clothing pushed for-
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Society, 1894; "Injured Ureters in Abdominal Surgery,
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dies in the house, gave her chamomilla. In the evening there
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" 10. It confers no honorary or ad eundem degrees. Its diplomas are ob-
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to the domain of private and general practice will need more
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\_Read before the Maine Homoeopathic Medical Society^
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Dr. Benjamin has taken an active part in all movements
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unusually well versed in business affairs. Politically he is
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cases, I would give you the following advice : first, As you
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them out. In regard to the latter, if the principles are once
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monia as a complication, has not yet been determined. It is also possible for
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fractures, grooves, perforations of one side of the bone, through-and-
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The womb would not remain reposited without the aid of a pes-
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office is at No. 232 East Nineteenth Street, New York City. He be-
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The one drawback to our sincere pleasure in reading the book
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cinchona and of camphor ; later still, Lucas-Championniere
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