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robes $15 each, Raccoon cap $5, pair of fur gloves $4, pair of goggles 50 c, 1
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passages from the Icidney to the meatus with a dilute
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forded each student to acquire a practical knowledge of eye
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For this work, three lectures and two afternoons a week in
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W. F. Drewry, M. D., Petersburg, Virginia; Vice President of
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the follicle. The spermatozoa should have remained in the vesiculse seminales
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sity was opened for the instruction of students October,
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State. There is much material in it for profitable readinsf.
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him to formulate a theory by which to explain the success of his
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pleased with the results does not fully express what I desire to
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might have been a wilderness of sand dunes so far as its attract-
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Constant medical oversight and skilled nursing. Hydrotberap^utlc department equipped with Turtiish, sliower, needle, sliz and
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treatment of Ntr^'oa'* Dis*>ases. Drug and Alcoliolic Addictions. A modern
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veloped the symptoms of multiple sclerosis following a fall from
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roscopic focal lesions, the larger cerebral arteries sclerotic.
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"practitions," whatever that may mean. A "practicer" is one wlio
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plex, but it was not long before such reactions also failed. Still
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fair go on; keep your schools, theaters and churches open; do not
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the bowel thus being forced to burrow its way through the peri-
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physician of their choice, provided .siu'h phy.sician ia an
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with the uneducated, with whom it was necessary to proceed quickly
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normal saline solution I believe it will prove our best remedy in
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dietetic treatment and the preparation of the simpler foods
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organs, as the lungs, spleen, ovaries and mammary glands, bone-
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and screening work. Can't you secure such co-operation? Any
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At last the mosquito question is regarded as of national im-
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a ligature ; (c) no soiling of the peritoneum, thus
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of the United States insures a cordial reception of our work in the
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converging apparatus and the treatments, or seances as they are
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of thirty cases treated by orchidectomy. — Journal of the Ameri-
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be thoroughly familiar with the conclusions of modern science
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ergy, as well as those of the physician; and further renders the result
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internally, in several hundreds of long-standing and severe cases
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of ethyl chloride employed, 15 cc. Narcosis continued