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x 5 feet 3 inches base). Buttons and button-holes were sewn along three

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uncleanliness, from want of water, may cause a persistent contamination

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1 Some of these great barracks, as at Allahabad, have not given satisfaction, and

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twenty-one towns out of twenty-four, the average reduction being 45.4 per

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In some localities the deposits show signs of stratification, but generally

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macologic effects, particularly in use of potentiating drugs

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leg. 20 With the doppler, one can tell if the vein is patent

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retain its equability. There seems no harm in this, but such exertion can-

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with it a good deal of water, showing how foul air from a drain can thus

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as in England, but the preventive measures will be much easier. Police

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disposal of the dead becomes often a matter of difficulty. In that case

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temic therapy when indicated), for topical infections,

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County Medical Society was formally notified of this action and of its

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bad ; in 1860, the northern district, where population is densest, gave 38

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therapy. We agree with Dr Roy Grinker, Sr’s, oft-quoted

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slept in shifts as there wasn’t sufficient room for all of us

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narily difficult. 15 A summary of those findings suggesting

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For the past 20 years, the Florida Medical Association has sponsored the Income Protection

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As an organization accredited for continuing medical education,

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Mr. Glaisher has given some very valuable tables of this kind, 1 which can

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8. A better dress. It is only, however, within recent years that a

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previously inoculated with killed vaccine may develop

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sulphide. Herr Silvern, to remedy this, proposed a preparation of coal-tar

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1 Code des Officiers de Sante, par Didiot, 1862, pp. 481 et seq. Alterations have been

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few very general remarks can be made here. The application of general

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motility to the point of producing a paralytic ileus and the use of

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strictures and laser figuration 4 for laryngeal papilloma-

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which are soldered on the inside, unless fine tin is employed exclusively

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Prussian Hospital Tent. — The ground-floor of the tent is a rectangle 62

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punctual, organized, and predictable. Right-brain person-

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smallest effective amount in elderly and debilitated to preclude

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by the Board of Trustees of the Texas Medical Association.