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Surgeon-Li untenant E G. Dutton, 2nd Volunteer Battalion Devonshire

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cases, of whom bib were sent to hospital, 51 died, 3tid'l7 were

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was at once performed. Mr. VVagstafl', the surgical registrar,

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kewitch, Foft, and he himself had described. He considered

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SiE, — The Star objects to the following statements in the

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enlarged.— Dr. Newton Pitt showed a patient, aged 24, with

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hunters of the Tyrol, the hill tribes of the Himalayas, all

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which assumed a character of interest. Sir George Humphry

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*,* In forwarding books the publishers are requested to state the

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the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals, and 39 remained under treatment at

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of a millimetre and a thousand molecules to be packed into

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been attacked. Workhouses are numerously the seat of the

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visitations of small-pox in India, as elsewhere, may be mini-

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VI. Diseases of Children, Dr. P. Blasi. VIII. Surgery and Orthopaedic

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with the Congress, and every eflort is to be made to have the

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infectiveness as in diseases of inconstant type, attacks occur

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pulse and hurried respiration. In the evening his pulse was

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cheerful. Mother had lost three children from measles.

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slight modification of Hoppe-Seyler's classification of the

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perineal or a suprapubic vesical puncture or incision, followed

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