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20, Holiday Inn (The Casino), Pensacola Beach. For information:
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3. Hospital ships, intended for the reception and treatment of the sick.
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labor of trained scientists. It must be admitted that the horizon is still
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gional Academic Health Center, Amarillo. Fee $20, physicians; $5,
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newly devised operation of closed mitral commissuroto-
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William B. Deal, M.D., Dean of the University of Florida College of Medicine (far left), as Mrs. Thomas B. Thames of Orlando,
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of this group of patients as compared to those in whom
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syndrome are often tumultuous and puzzling to the observer.
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of tbe body rises, especially if in addition there is muscular exertion ,and
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Latrines and Urinals. — Formerly, urine tubs were brought into barrack
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Total Solids. — This is ascertained by evaporating a measured quantity
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dwellings, or the articles with which we have to come in contact, it is
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water directly from the rain that either falls directly upon their surfaces
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new and more destructive behavior following continued topi-
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from streams and rivers, the next to that from ponds and lakes, and the
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more time with their families and within their physical
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17 <£ sa. ft. Family or industrial practice. Contact Don Marples, MD, 209
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cooperative enterprise, in which the doctor can work
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schedule of costs. Authors automatically receive order blanks when
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Why publish a study such as this and why review it in
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which we performed at North Ridge General Hospital, in
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land Memorial Hospital and as professor and chairman of the
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that the strong action of the heart during exercise is met by a more perfect
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dicates that the two agencies of yellow fever and paroxysmal fevers are