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W. Harqld Parham, D.H.A., Jacksonville, Executive Vice President

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wrestling official, or race starter was characteristic of an im-

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Disorders, Third Edition (DSM-III). For the first time, bor-

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pectation of life at birth, or the mean lifetime. It is no very good test of

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member of the Tombstone Microscopic Society, a proud

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(4,000 feet), both well spoken of. Kunawar (5,000 or 6,000 feet), in the val-

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feet in depth was filled with dead, disposed of as follows : — A row of bodies

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sition, or treated by Barff's process. The pipes and drains vary in size

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responsibility for disbursement of state funds appropriat-

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reason for transfer. This should eliminate a large number

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of Am. Association for the Advancement of Science, 1856. See also papers on Vital

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(ARS). In both cases, production soon caught up with de-

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responsibility unaided for the costs of their medical care.

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problems in refraction, using lively but realistic case

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During peace the soldier is trained for war. What is meant by training

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filing of proposed legislation to amend the Nurse Practice Act.

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water enters the filtex*, and also that the particles arrested may to some

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and the methods of prevention of pestilential diseases which it instituted,

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less, CMV is rapidly emerging as the infectious agent most

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Should a bad persistent smell be complained of mostly in the bedroom

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and one from the Thoracic Surgery Program Directors

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tent. Hospital gangrene has been exceedingly rare in all our hospitals, but

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The hospice movement, actively begun in Great Britain

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Far East Orient Seminar in Anesthesiology, Jan. 26-Feb. 10,

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