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and the Female Climacteric Drug Therapy. Sept. 1976

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Bactrim has shown high clinical effectiveness in recur-

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almost all waters. 1 The boiling also sets free the carbonic acid present,

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Physicians), June 23-27, The Dutch Inn, Lake Buena Vista.**

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medical sophistication, from extra-medical observations

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full of vegetation. The climate is similar to that of the other islands, but

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the fall was from 17.3 respirations per minute to 16.1 ; the breathing is

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of the more recent data on survival following coronary

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A question now arises — Why, after thirty years of age, should the

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Do not excavate ground, if possible ; and never pile earth against the

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This view has not been defined ; but as the plasma of Bacteria is albuminoid,

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Two MDs 3 DOs in practice. Office and lake house available. 12

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(in all probability typhoid), and tuberculous consumption, which causes 13

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dwellers on high lands, and the curative effect on these diseases of such

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Dallas; and brothers, Charles R. Blocker, Austin, and John F.

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Whether the solid excreta are allowed to pass in or not, it is clear that

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avoided. The management of these three patients forms

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ing a substance which, when the muscle contracts, splits up into lactic

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3 An account of the Bengal arrangements will be found in the 2d edition of this

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at the local level. For these reasons, the programs

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If the AMA’s motion for rehearing is granted, the AMA will