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successfully carried out on a community-wide basis.
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“The question of medical malpractice is whether or not
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of allowing county medical societies to resolve these local grievances
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The most severe manifestation of chronic intoxications is psychosis,
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Additional information available to the profession on request.
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claimed that many persons prefer this mixture to the pure coffee. The
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In fact our Lease Financing requires No Down-Payment and monthly repayment is approximately 30 percent less than time-
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infect the premises where it has been found and closely watch all suspicious
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ting what amount of laundry work has to be done for a presumed number
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1. Recruits. — The recruit is inspected from time to time, to see if the
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restlessness, chills, and acute gouty attacks. Usual
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ness and heaviness of the legs, fall in blood pressure, cardiac
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realistic, this is recognized as but a gesture. The times
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with these viruses. No emphasis will be placed on models of
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and tabulated with the proper precision, lies at the very foundation of
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cases, chiefly to local causes and individual faults, of late years Europeans
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momediastinum is seen to collect posteroinferior to the heart
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ground beef and rice which we ate with our fingers for
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stated that he had never seen anything like the enormous congestion he
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Gary L Patzkowsky, DO, Clinical Consultant, Amarillo Veterans Administration
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It should come well across the abdomen, so as to guard it completely from
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to only certain physicians, facilities, indications and dosages; re-
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Victor Politano, M.D., 6614 Miami Lakes Dr., East Miami Lakes 33014.
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of Calvert ' may be consulted ; it need only be mentioned here that, accord-
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the Sunset law will review the activities of the State Board of Medical
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(Boston); Johan Bjorksten, PhD (Madison, Wl.); Albert Bothe, MD (Boston); David L. Horwitz, MD, PhD (Chicago); Herbert P. Sarett,
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thelium, might be totally unchanged for long periods, 5 and we may conclude that oxi-