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their local medical societies. . . . Years ago, they wouldn't
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Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment .(EPSDT)
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43.5 inches ; in 1880 this had decreased to 42.9 inches owing to the move-
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mation furnished by Prof. Parkes' exhaustive work in the department
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day with a 60 fib load, unless he were in good condition and well fed. If a
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overly busy during the work week, too tired to benefit
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mend diets that are so extreme that the patient’s nutritional
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speaker. Dr. Heimlich is noted not only for his medical
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bulb thermometers, two maximum thermometers, two minimum thermom-
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twelve pulmonary embolectomies. JAMA 1 94 : 336, 1 965.
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surgery training quotas, physician distribution mandates,
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ill be allocated among program areas as follows: Scientific Policy and
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and hospital practice. Could use FP, surgeon, or OB-GYN willing to
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toxicity due to overdosage of other drugs or make more difficult the diagnosis of
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Temperance is a great aid to continence. In the army the intemperate
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containing 2 mg perphenazine and 25 mg amitriptyline HCI, t.i.d. may often be adequate.
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atmosphere, will blow over us in an easterly direction, varying to the
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a glass vessel, graduated to hundredths of an inch, which is sent with the
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the same way incorrectly termed "nitrous acid" or nitrites.
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whether, in the warm parts of India, the walls might not be made as far as