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amount of ventilation will prevent their becoming so. The cesspool is

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numbers of E. coli or other urinary pathogens on the

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carriage of the sewer water to the land was at one time thought probable,

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Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Miami School of Medicine,

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csrlnll pneumonitis. To date, this drug has been tested only in

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Study Program has been its focus on increasing the size of

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death inherited many of Webster’s patients, commented

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In 1880, 29.88 per 1,000 were sent home and 21.40 discharged, the per-

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the discharge tubes must be placed at the sides, and run up in the thick-

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allergies, nasal congestion and cough due to the common cold.

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heard from Dr. Laurin G. Smith, a member of FMA’s

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enthusiastic support of the Board of Governors nominated Jere W.

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closed about this small drain in 2 weeks and the drain was

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I be National Health Service Corps , and a one-year, $103 million extension

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toxicity due to overdosage of other drugs or make more difficult the diagnosis of

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agency contracts, HRS services would be virtually non existent except for institutional programs.

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number of sick (sick population) by the number of days in the period, and

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overlap of the therapeutic concentration range and con-

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not lost their vision of what a quality health care system should be to re-establish those principles of medicine which

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fundamental aspects of procedural due process in grievance

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phthisical character is tolerably clear, but syphilis will not account for the

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Dr. Bralow is Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of South

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Heart Association, Inc, Circulation, vol 63, no 1 , January

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With regard to the first point, there is no doubt that to send young

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very easily detected. The best plan, therefore, is to buy the coffee-bean,

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