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the eight years (1870-77) the rate at the Cape was 1.62 ; and in the years
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Cellars, Outhouses, Stables, etc. — Quicklime sprinkled about. White-
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should never be used. 1 In towns or villages where there may be a house
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rary hospital structures. As the result of its experience in dealing with
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outdated facts that have “long since . . . ceased to exist."
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soils would be so good, the limit of 8 gallons is selected in the text.
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(Deville et Troost). Recent experiments by Professor Ira Remsen (1881)
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possible to get the men to report themselves properly ; the slight diarrhoea
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Disposable bubble oxygenators with a total perfusion
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with lead or Spence's metal, they are the best in many circumstances.
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marked insomnia. Irritability, hyperactivity, and personality changes.
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American Society of Anesthesiologists alleging that
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delirium, fever, stupor, coma and respiratory failure
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Almost all engineers attach great importance to regular flushing, and
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1867 and 1869 there was no case, though the disease was all round.