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turned as ague. The mean admissions per 1,000 for six years, 1875-80,
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the process of laud irrigation for agricultural purposes, where local conditions are
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extrapyramidal symptoms, syncope, changes in EEG patterns
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prove a focus of disease for others. The drinking water should be con-
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outlining requirements regarding a patient’s consent to
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Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, 19; Florida
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but you can't talk about it.” Some divers, he says, carry chalk-
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Council was opposed to compulsory rubella immunizations for college
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who wished to enter this country disguised as Cuban
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adjunctively in skeletal muscle spasm, 2 to 10 mg t i d.
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on board ship, and especially if children are on board. If the weather
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alkaline pH. 20 A number of other substances have been
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creased the frequency of many complications that were once
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those obtained with alternative methods. In the coming
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Typically, both public and private hospitals develop sys-
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order to sate themselves, and who, lacking other forms of
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9. Highet, G., The Art of Teaching, New York, Random House, 1950.
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and by various observers in America and elsewhere. But they must be
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therapeutic field which encompasses the lateral pelvic
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