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under the penthouse of the stand, which shelters it sufficiently from a strong light,

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Neurology-Neurosurgery Grand Rounds. Scott & White Hospital,

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Nutrition, he was involved with the publication of the

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white residents. Among the black troops the prevalence of phthisis,

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alone in cribs or in beds with parents. He called this

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eliminating the need for normal reserve accounts for losses and high lease fees.

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In the Peninsular war the men became admirable cooks. At first very

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sewerage, would test the ingenuity of a Brunei. It is possible that the best

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1 Sanitary Rules of the Romans during War. — Vegetius (De Re Militari, lib. iii.,

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Renal: Albuminuria, increased excretion of renal tubular cells and red blood cells;

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insomnia associated with anxiety neuroses and transient situational disturbances, anxiety

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life-saving drug considered to be relatively safe, though both

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caused by the exercise, but even to increase the weight of the body.

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By making use of the daily predictions, or still better of the daily

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when they change offices. No waiting. No cost of a service call.

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16. Bruhn JG, Fuentes RG Jr, Trevino FM, etal: Follow-up of minority pre-

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counter or in a refrigerator where the label is not visible to the purchaser ;

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three screws at the bottom, so that it hangs truly in the centre. Test this

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the fixed point, and having half the weight in front of the chest and half

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Arnold LW: Precipitating factors in the female borderline syndrome — a dichot-

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antiparkinsonian drugs and/or by reduction in dosage, but sometimes persist afti

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six hours following the biopsy in search of possible

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part of the tantalum plate still exposed. Two months later

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James Lewis Pipkin, MD Gene P. Ream, MD Mary Jo Montgomery, MD

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is of national importance that the soldier should be as healthy and as effi-

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physical appearance of the child, the diagnosis of Klippel-

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was good evidence to show that it spread by means of the diarrhceal and

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