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tions concerning hospital staff privileges. These rules had
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port negotiable. County hospital 12 miles, supported by taxing authori-
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make available catastrophic insurance coverage for those
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and L. E. phenomenon. Due to certain chemical similarities to
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The most important statistical inquiries applied to health are —
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nine weeks of residence, however, the patients had been
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therapeutic window and others a linear relationship as illus-
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Harold C. Spear, M.D., Chang You Wu, M.D. and Charles A. Lipman, M.D
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practicing radiologists; $1 00, radiology residents. Category 1 , AMA
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large muscles of the shoulder and back from the impediment which hinders
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will be no pulsation recorded. The pressure is then
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Abstract: Pericardial effusion is associated with many diseases. These include bacterial, fungal and viral
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In the later years there has been an increase and considerable fluctuations.
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Typhoid fever and cholera are among the most serious forms of disease
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weeks) in a regimen ot weight reduction based on caloric restriction.
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