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these data were not statistically significant (Table 5).

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stands as a permanent memorial to physicians who have

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NEAR GULF COAST: Several specialties including family practice. Two

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Registration and signing-in took place between 8:45

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(b) The number constantly sick on an average. This is often called the

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Guard-room. — The guard-room for a regiment of 1,000 strong has a size

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rays, and become very hot. The objection is theoretical ; it is the im-

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Mrs. Pat Phillips, Dept, of Nuclear Medicine, Florida Medical Center,

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unpalatable, possibly unwholesome on that account. Such temperatures

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patient should be treated with appropriate agents, e g ,

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mean of the year is therefore much lower than on the plains ; the ampli-

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years. Other age groups remain about the same except

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with a drying closet by the side of the fire, to dry the men's clothes when

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corner of the present Riverside Avenue and Leila until his

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1 Mean of eight years' observations by the Royal Engineers (1858-60), as given in

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history of penicillin hypersensitivity reactions who have

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Haeck, M.D., 3900 N.W. 79th Ave., Suite 469, Miami 33166.

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County Medical Society be revoked effective December 31, 1978. This

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In stations under the Contagious Diseases Act, 1,000 men give 67 ad-

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most identical with Canada, and they are now included in the returns

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show that mercuric chloride (corrosive sublimate) is the most powerful

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therapeutic approach to this tumor. Multidisciplinary treat-

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extent, throughout all northern North America, wherever the Glacial Drift

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physicians. Finally, the frequency data generated in the first

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6. Taylor M, Dickman W, Kane R: Medical students' attitudes toward rural

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time with each participant, discussing the medical school ap-

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While these recommendations are usually suitable for the

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centage of each constituent present. The Board subsequently passed

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Patients with peritonitis or arthritis require hospitalization and