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ordinary S trap of 1£ inch seal, and 1^ inch calibre was attached in the base-
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3 On the Effects of Change of Climate on the Human Economy, by A. Rattray,
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two points which require particular attention in the field.
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Special Issue on Orthopaedic Surgery Introduction .. 17-1
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The breadth of each stall is to be 5J feet, and there are to be only two rows
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etable matter. Malarial or remittent fever is also believed to result from
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ylpropion Hydrochloride International Symposium on Central
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output over 20 ml/hr, absence of peripheral vasoconstriction
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1. The Age of the Recruit. — Strong opinions have been expressed by
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scouring effect of the rain on sewers is lost, though this last is a very ques-
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heart's action or want of water. In this case diffusible stimuli, such as
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thoracic outlet syndrome points to the fact that surgeons
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march the men out and encamp in a healthy spot at some little distance,
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left brain, he rose easily to respectable accomplishment
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Association. This is a very delicate matter with many complexities. Dr.
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tonio, 7703 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78284 512/691 -7291
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wire-basket. Little or no offence is likely to arise from such an opening.
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immediately under the grating, but care must be taken tbat nothing occurs to obstruct
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solutions of quinine, in the order named. Dr. O'Nial, C.B. (Deputy Sur-
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of oppression accompanies this, but relief is experienced so soon as perspiration is re-
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modelled as the children of the poor, who run about shoeless. In the case
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Anderson Hospital have come up with significant ways to
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His taste in dress was conservative: fine quality, light
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against some one article of consumption, but which, for want of some pro-
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was allowed to proceed after a motion to dismiss on the
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Rain on the plains, about 60 to 70 inches. Greatest rainfall in one day,
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threatened by her child’s autonomy, and she may refuse to
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literally had no money. At first I worked as a laboratory
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Every one knows that great errors are committed, chiefly on the side of