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to the gallon). When such articles can be burned, that is the best way to dis-

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ease, such as nitrofurantoin and the various sulfa medica-

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(6) Height. — This is usually taken in the erect position. Dr. Aitken '

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C.E. ; with a note on Dry Sewage, by F. J Mouat, M.D. Darjeeling, 1869.

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Society, died Sept 1 4, 1 980. A resident of Temple, Dr Berg

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decrease in motor activity induced by Bentyl was statistically significant (p<0.05), in spite of the wide

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(6) " The same experiment was repeated with an opening in the crown

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reviewed these matters the Committee recommended to the Board of

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Special Issue on Orthopaedic Surgery Introduction .. 17-1

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can define such characteristics as absorption, distribution, metabolism

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medical teaching expertise in Florida. Dr. Jason plans to

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time, and we may therefore use this interval of suspension advantageously

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the distilled products, if the mixture is reburnt ; and, in the last case

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child, and offering free vaccination to every One in the tenements. From

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We have no evidence on the latter point. With respect to the former,

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uric, hippuric) is produced, sufficient, even when the salts with decom-

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in the water, they are not serviceable, nor do they have any satisfactory

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It was not owing to syphilis, for until late years the amount of syphilis

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Looking to all the conditions of the problem, it appears impossible for

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also be reduced in size, as much as can be. Thick mattresses should be

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is carried away, when it runs full, by the siphon action of the pipe beyond.

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may give a large mortality to cases of sickness, but the mortality to strength

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patch published in the London Gazette of 1859: — "During the day the troops from

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levels to clinical response is still questionable, with three no-

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Medical College certify that this continuing medical education

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Function Evaluation of the Lung Resection Candidate: A Prospective Study, Am. Rev.

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ers of this substance, and perhaps no suggestion of late years has had more

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for itself. The mother is the intercessor between her infant

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consideration the three points of age, height, and weight, and if either in