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in preventing the spread of the disease was very uncertain. The lighting
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Continuing Education in Pediatrics — 1980, Jan. 20-24, Diplomat
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Critical Care Gastroenterology, Dec. 5-7, Contemporary Resort
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Scott and White Memorial Hospital, 2401 S 31 st St, Temple, TX
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The clinical characteristics of the study population
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Mercy Hospital Cardiovascular Symposium, Oct. 18-20, OMNI
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physicians preparing for Board certification in Internal
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almost all waters. 1 The boiling also sets free the carbonic acid present,
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Reprinted from “Cracker Cures,” published by the Peace River Valley Historical Society Dr Gordon H. McSwain, of Arcadia, is custodian.
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FMA Committee on Allied Health Professions, monitored the activities
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deductions from the observed facts of Nature, but on account of the appar-
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professional services to the public. Physicians may furnish legitimate
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1 Trans, of the Epidem. Soc. , vol. i. , pp. 123, 124.
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rapid. The openings should be placed wherever it can conveniently be
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1 Rattray found an ascent of 2,000 feet (at Ascension) lessened the " vital capacity,"
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tracheal tube restricted the swallowing of air. It is important to
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are beginning to draw attention to this problem (see New England Journal
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and mind are brought into a state of more vigorous health.
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an out-door one. This can only be done properly by keeping him in tents
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us to feel quite safe in continuing beta blockade up until
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Zinc sulphate was found to have no germicide value in a solution of twenty
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of Houston; and sisters, Thelma Elliott, Waveland, Miss, and
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Hypnotic effects, lassitude, muscle weakness, and mild insomnia have als , L
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Stanley S. Goodman, M.D. — Fort Lauderdale — “Stable Polarity” (Carrara Marble Sculpture)