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3. Carlens, E. , and Hambraeus, G. M.: Mediastinoscopy. Indications and Limitations, Scand.

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ing in Minnesota. Dr. Staples considers this final conclusion verified, espe-

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There is nothing we as physicians can do to influence

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From the experiments of Lehmann on pigeons and rabbits, it appears

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often compels patients affected with incipient phthisis, to hear and see the

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have an annual attrition rate of 2.4, 8.2, 11.6 and 12.2 per

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tion. Little interest was manifested in its meetings until the epidemic of

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circulatory failure, life threatening ventricular arrhythmias

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a cistern or by constant supply. They are boxes which are emptied by a

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have a second pipe from the crown of the siphon to the ventilating pipe, in

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of Continuing Medical Education, 2nd Floor Gail Borden Bldg, UT

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waters coming from them. These soils are only occasionally met with.

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right anterior oblique view. AJR 130:701 -709, 1978.

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bonate. If the water is distilled with a little phosphoric acid (as

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these patients, aortic valve replacement may be required

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is not entirely automatic, however, and needs frequent attention in divert-

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of death in England is about 40 years. Parr has shown that it is nearly

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bear the Indian climate well. Probably they were placed under unfavor-

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and therapeutic approach to rhabdomyosarcomas during the

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mounting. After a decade of experience involving more

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which are to be avoided as much as possible, since, once heated, they take

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4. Labor costs. In Florida, about 45 percent of the

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several centers indicates that if only one of the three

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from paroxysmal fevers, phthisis, and diseases of the alimentary canal ; and.

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6. If it appears on board ship, take the same precautions with regard

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weakness as well as other signs of cerebral ischemia associated with

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