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Field M, * Fordtran JS, Schultz SG (eds): Secretory Diar-

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You can write for your copy of the brochure. Or just give us a call and

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Before noticing these plans, it will be convenient to make a few general

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a The general principles of hygiene are of course to be applied in the case of the

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bine in producing the result, and that destructive lung diseases may proceed

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1980 Annual Meeting Approved the format for the 1980 Annual

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has reviewed a Petition from the requisite number of physicians in the

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The Cape has always been considered a kind of sanitarium for India.

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crops soon absorb the fluid, much to their advantage (see Fig. 113).

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suppresses the inflammatory reaction to intrafollicular pro-

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lar function is normal. T able V summarizes the findings of

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fig. lis.— Veuted S-Traps. trap would force the water through

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CMA officials said they still believe they are in the right but signed a

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theophylline blood level curves. Use theophylline cautiously in patients with history

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to the local officers, certain general principles are strictly laid down, and

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4. The latrine arrangements should be remodelled, the places changed,

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propagated in the presence of decaying vegetable matter.

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Each tablet contains 160 mg trimethoprim and 800 mg sulfamethoxazole.

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for CNS-depressive effects Dialysis is of limited value

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chemotherapy daily for five days with either Actinomycin

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information: Asher Marks, M.D., Chairman, Pulmonary Wintercourse