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patient was examined by bronchoscopy. An ectopic right up-
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or accompanying various disease states. Efficacy beyond
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Abstract: Three cases of undersensing related to low amplitude endocardial potential were observed in a
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James A. Winslow Jr„ M.D., Tampa, Judicial Council
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"flush tank" on Fig. 110, for the last is alternately filled and emptied,
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action in the bodies of men who die from what are considered other diseases.
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2d. What are the different kinds of warmth, and how are they to be
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5. Moran, J.F.; Derkac, W.M., and Conkle, D.M.: Pharmacologic Control Of Acute Aortic
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members at $21.00 per column inch per month and list-
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been staffed by Mr. John Thrasher, FMA Legal Counsel.
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with ventilatory assistance than occurs spontaneously. 226 In-
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he was being “used” by the older individual. For
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January, 78.19° ; amplitude of the yearly fluctuation = 4.51°. April and
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continued everywhere. But within the last few years the changing con-
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pregnancy, tuberculosis screening, comprehensive health education,
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supply, and plans of waste and sewer-water removal, in regular order.
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and supported by a fact which was not known until recently. This is that
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or hepatic function, possible folate deficiency, severe allergy or
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and non-radiant heat, or that of the atmosphere. In the latter case, in ad-
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conditions of the case, while in others precipitation may have to be re-
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way be got rid of. Sewers certainly afford an easy mode of disposing of
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drug offers a more satisfactory control of blood pressure.
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become more familiar with our legislators, we will be
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Tables should be typed on separate sheets. Column headings