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in the suharachiioid sjiaces of the l.iain and spinal cord, these sjiaces, in

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deaths, 5 were over eighty years of age. One of these patients, eighty-seven

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chondromalacia, chondromalacia micromelica (Marchand); micromelic

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tiuatioiis have been ni.id the exact lU'iivv,' to whhdi trypsin-ontei-

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to represent inflammation of the normal or goitrous thyroid. In some

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over an houi- the normal beat of the heart of a three-nn.nths-old lio.\

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repeated, sleep, stupor, or deep coma will follow. Usually the patient is

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appearanc'- ,,f lacti,- acid iii the |,| | is responsihie for the low CO, ten

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true colloid. Besides the glands near the thyroid, the bronchial and mesen-

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ni 11 ion lii.il is lo s;i> . of known I'n and addinij to caeli solution an

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urine and in trying to secure a specimen that is perfectly fresh.

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rations ; and it is laid down by Sir James Earle in

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M'Tciit. for llif n fnivtori/ pluixi ( rh mix Ihrinuihuiit tin irlmh fiiriiiil tif

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,,„ ;, ,|iH of ll.nil. Til." qlMSlinll alis.'S iis tn vv lu't ImT, .ifl.T ;ill, tl,.. I.ll.'

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K\ icplariiiif tlic last pail iil' Ilir name «>!' tin" snlistaiwc arlcil on liy tin-

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higher than would be expected from the age and condition of the patient.

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The possiliility that the e\citaliility o. he respirator^' center is atTeeted

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Thorough examination alone can prevent serious errors.

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..I'liiiiicil iVoiii till' lift M'litrirlc. Iiiit iiu::iiii tlicy Jilc ilipi'liili'iit lliinii tlif

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sults, such as the retarding of the arteriosclerotic process, the lowering of

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are asked to stoop and pick up an object from the floor the position is

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fei'cnt fr.iiM tli.ise at atiii.ispli.Tic pr.'ssnre, as the air. owinir to its e..iii

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in perfect health, and to the Government as a physical wreck. In such

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It is a good practice to look for tubercle bacilli in every acid, sterile, puru-

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liwdeiitly. therefore, ;is tl ardiae nil i-h.-iiiisiii itself is noiiiial, the de-

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the heart is the beginning of the end. But it is remarkable how many of

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Heredity. — ^Heredity plays a very important role in the disease, and the

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'lie rijiid <'raiiiu-i in which it is contained. In fact, from a physical

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as Paltauf and Sternberg, between the various types of sarcoma of the

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possibility of giving the patient all the care a disease so rich in symptoms

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I. A Case of Loss of Power over the Voluntary Muscles.

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nf different animals acts is not always the same. I'epsin of the dosr. for

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ally of several months' duration. Fenoglio's patient' lived on for a year and

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physiological activity of thyroid, as tested by poisoning by acetonitrile and

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ous recovery ? since here, as in the cases of spon-

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Pathology. — ^The pathological changes are mainly confined to the muscles.