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of age are put in the first class. They are housed apart,
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Royal College of Surgeons of England, .5 p.m.— Professor C. B.
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which Death was caused by Vomiting. Dr. Colcott Fox ;
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births and 4,924 deaths were registered during the week ending Saturday,
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only represented a charge on premium income of 5 per
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becoming more distinct, till at length it divides into
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A General Practitioner raises the question of the attitude to be
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'^ Sjobring. Fortschrit. der Mcdicin, Bd. viii, 1890.
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of little note. In 7 cases the yearly cost of each bed is £30
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and scientific formulas are carefully avoided. Short and clear
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January .sth escaped early on the following morning, and was found
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of the new Act, althougli the proper Scotch form of words
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1780, and he fought in several engagements against the
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tube, and the same manipulation is repeated without recharging
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sober earnest. As I understand, however, that his specimens
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food materials are present, one organism may give rise to