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forty-one days after tlie attack of "sirippe," in a very

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seem to indicate that hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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serious consideration before resorting to this opera-

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prostration and other typhoid symptoms were increased : ordered

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frequently three families occupy a single room, and the persons

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a survey of the manufacturing and industrial plants

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It is built partly on clay-slate, and partly on the conglomerate which

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ing thereto. Thirteen of those children died from what we term

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instanced the disease was not transmitted hereditarily ?

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called a complication of acute gonorrheal urethritis,

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month of June, leaving her husband in Dublin ; a temporary separa-

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ami perhuvum take to dilate ; and, in the few cases where the

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cumstances the apices of the scapulae are remarkably projected ;

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and pathological ; and it is to this subject that I propose calling

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toms, whether he is despwDndent at times or irritable

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Early treatment gives excellent results in cases of

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previously, and for which no cause could be assigned. These phe-

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reinfection of the patients, themselves. All the pre-

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it is hereditary, but because of the weakened constitutions, which

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succussion in the fluid level which was intensified

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prophylaxis, especially in the field of child training.

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1. Goseragong water issues from a crevice at the base of a lofty

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dot type of the blind — Braille. The usual schemes

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normal, complexion improved. The dressings, which were soaked

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warm bath ; also to bleed the patient, if of a full or robust habit. The diet to

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The lesions found in the intestine suggest that ex-

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influenza epidemic, in which the influenza bacillus

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tion. A corps of specialists assisted the regular ex-

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analysis was given of those cases under observation

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days previously to the occurrence of epistaxis in the beginning

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shock two distinct pathological conditions, each having its own

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L.\ G.\RDr. — In Washington, D. C, on Sunday, March 2d.

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to the spinal cord so that cavities filled with fluid

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cial pneumothorax, as a treatment for tuberculosis,

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