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medicine will not allow hmi.-elf to be caught without
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The statue of Marion Sims, not long since erected in Kew York, and
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Grunert, Spe^ialarzt fiir Chirurgie ir. Dresden. Erstc
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tericus, vasomotor disturbances. di.>;turbed sleep,
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Smallpox will be auarantined the same as diphtheria and
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until the eighth day, when vomiting, abdominal distention, and sensi-
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only once ; but later on it was learned by inquiry at
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scraped, were chopped into small fragments and rubbed up in a mortar
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vanced civilization, just as caries is, and, above all,
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harm to tertiary lesions. In the case of the pharynx
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obscure dermatological affections, and cerebrospinal
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five days. In a case of syphilitic arthritis compli-
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ascertained in this way when the proximity of the magnet causes pain
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dollars per week and shall include boaid, lodging, care,
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solution, should a small opening be made into the peritoneal cavity
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cated her, bej-ond this her respiratory tract was normal.
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123 pounds. April 9, 1909, weighed 133 pounds. April
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The patient was given a mild laxati\'e the' afternoon
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We present the 1955 White Matter to Mrs. Virginia Rivers, in
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his asepsis, but still very successful. He exercised, however, the greatest
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against every communicable disease, tuberculosis in-
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sented to ojseration under local aniesthesia. The anterior
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of potassium iodide, especially if it is administered when fever is present.
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BECAUSE every care is exercised to insure precision as to the weight
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have served rather to confuse than otherwise. The few tests believed
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Ivsis with the syphilitic scrum without int ^rfering
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and it is not difficult to understand how, in one case, the lower vagina
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with a small coloclyster of one pint containing gallic,
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two years, in which recovery ensued rapidly after generous opening of the
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in his thesis in 1874 {Da lait et de Vallaitement, Paris, 1874), which differ in
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11. Calcium Metabolism, with Special Reference to Ex-
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later, his life can be summed up in a few sentences : daily labor in his
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superintendent of the Hopkinsville Asylum, to succeed Dr.
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bread w;ith every other glass of milk. After two days, if
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blackish-red elevations, and a number of erosions in the pylorus. The