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If the patient is not cured three weeks after treatment, a

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OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE — 3800 sq. ft. office space available to any

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(e) Standard Solution of Ammonium Chloride (see 4 (a)).

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The phenothiazine compounds have produced blood dyscrasias (pancytc

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• See Dr. H. I. Bowditch's Essay on Public Health in America. Boston, 1877.

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This subject has attracted much attention of late, and deserves careful

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pregnant adolescents. The Committee recommended that the FMA

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12. Ross WF: Texas MD graduates watch as residency doors swing shut.

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mg per day or 300 mg twice a week, or perhaps less,

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the concomitant dietary regimen Tenuate may decrease the hypo-

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Rathke FW, Schlegel KF: Surgery of the Spine: Atlas of

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substantial compensation, extensive annual paid vacation, a remarkable retirement plan, and the freedom to

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elite position. Some physicians maintain that if the profes-

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These agents of rock-destruction act independently or in conjunction ;

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Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment, Fourth Edition

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radar equipped for weather avoidance and smoother, more comfortable flights. We fly where you need to fly,

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Exec. Committee Appointment — J. Lee Dockery, M.D.