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the mixed charcoal and sewage may be stored for some months without

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caused so much mortality in many of the Bengal jails. The exact influence

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The nomenclature proposed by Howard 1 is now almost universally

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height, which is fixed by regulation from time to time, according to the

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PRECAUTIONS: Suicide is a possibility in depressed patients and may remain

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amitriptyline and clinical response. Lancet 1 : 1 297-1 300, 1 972.

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The results may therefore be below or above the truth. Unless it contains

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in the summer of 1882, in connection with E. W. Bowditch, Esq., to make a

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with the China-grown teas, and also with those from Japan. The practice

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ACCOUNTING: All lease payments due on either the 1st. or 15th. of the month eliminating calendar referral for disburse-

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Water-Troughs, or Latrines. — These are very strong earthenware or cast-

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signs of vitality in animal cells and molecules. We might, therefore, hope

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University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Medical Center:

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Air Ambulance of America is FAA approved and flown by airline transport rated pilots. Aircraft is air conditioned and

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Usual peace garrison = 4,500 to 6,000 men. Period of service, three

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ducing convulsions. Convulsions are produced in dogs when the pressure

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Heimlich, M.D., who recently received recognition as a speaker

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1 Proceedings of the Royal Society, vol. xx., p. 185.

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hol withdrawal; adjunctively in skeletal muscle spasm due to re-

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q.i.d. as needed; adjunctively in skeletal muscle spasm, 2 to 10

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Some of the articles are not always carried by the same man, such as

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lower, almost quadrangular part, and an upper part, sloping from the top

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the noncontractile area became aneurysmal. Since the

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dissection. Eight of 15 patients with acute proximal

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And again. Something is wrong. He understands nothing