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aspirator w'ould be an improvement. — Mr. Durham said that two
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19, and October 18, 1871. The Second Professional Examinations will
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beginning to fade; the stiffness of the arms and neck, and hypertes-
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imination in the science and practice of medicine, and received their
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lint wetted with a solution of five grains to the ounce of water, keeping
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members expect to have presented in the Journal every week. The
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give them power to act; and I believe then that this Association
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resolution and nerve to get through some of the lessons which the clergy
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modifications are desirable in the existing sanitary laws and administra-
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gum ; and it is met with chiefly in old subjects. It is more common in
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Melbourne, Australia": and other papers by Mr. Mitchell and Dr. Men-
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look, an energetic application of quicklime mixed with vegetable char-
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clear that it was labour in vain to attempt to move them on behalf of
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to his admission to the Final Examination for Alembership or Fellow-
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of CIub-Foot ; and another by the same surgeon for cases of Fibrous
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peutical treatment was resorted to. Within four days, common sensation
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very various meanings, and are not reliable, etiologically, to the extent
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selves at the Degree Examination are not eligible for Honours with the
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inquiry; but they affirm no more than that the mind, for anything we
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by troops of pupils to the bedside, not always, as Martial (v. 9) tells us,
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secting-Rooms are open on October Ist. — The Museum comprises a
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Mr. Hancock referred to the exertions made at Charing Cross Hos-
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easily worked by the same_ sanitary officer in each registration district
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Bovvly for the very moderate terms in which he had introduced the
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Dr. James Salmon, Inspector-General of Hospitals and Fleets, has
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of the Daily A'nvs, complain that, do what they will, they cannot break
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deavour to convey to my hearers as briefly as possible. I would re-
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Tynemouth — seaboard towns, apparently placed under the same ex-
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lorrner is laid out with oflfrces, and is employed by the various adminis-