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tion of vessels of cerebral mcmljrane. Lateral ventricles of brain
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Agents used for their immediate effect, as those relieving
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in considerable strength. For this reason it is indicated to
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Dose.—R., 3ii.-3i- (8.30.); D., H^v.-xv. (.3-1.).
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23d. — Vision ; puts out his tongue when a.>kcd ; pulse rapid and
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Berkshire Medical College. — The Commencement exercises of
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the use of the official freshly prepared arsenic antidote
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stimulate the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach,
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Injectio Ergotini Hypodermica. (B. P.) (33 per cent.)
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inlluence of two such diflorent dyscrasuu at the .^ame time. Ariru-
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may heal, and fractures unite, as rapidly and as soundly in the sy-
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can use other and safer remedies, as creolin, tar or sulphur
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odor, and having a slightly earthy taste; permanent in the
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decreased by the action of large doses of potassium bromide,
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will produce gramikdion. Solution, filtration and crystalliza-
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not prove that this color of the skin is produced by that condition
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as one hundred grams, although technically equal to a
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perty ; and hence their use in local inflammatory conditions of the
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and oedema having lirst appeared the previovis week, it increased so
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of research in regard to a medico legal question of a very impor-
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Regt., has been appointed Chief Medical Director of the 2d Div., 1st
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ire familiar to every one, of the faculty of telling several kinds of
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Examinatiim of the ^lobc 9 hours after rcmoi<iL — Bulbus lias portion
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of expiration. The sound was very peculiar, and at once suggested
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most entirely gone. Prescribed quin. sulph., 5 i. Drinks continued.
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bay on the Lake of Zurich the inhabitants increased their gardens by building a
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mann Merivale has collected concerning the population of France, we
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than at the time of the battle at Baton Rouge. This is by no means
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" We are not wearied with reporting, any more than surgeons are
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•' '■ •■' — • ■■ -n in China and Japan, of their medical literature, &c. ; alfio
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For the Week exdixg S.^turpay, February Htii, 18C3.
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selves least prone to retract, that is, the deep muscular fibres which
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Every patient, as soon as he enters the wards of the lecturer, is
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its first appearance, and the signal success it has met with inlly con-
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" 10. Four Lectures on Musical Form. — By Mr. J. K. Paine, instmctor in nro-
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the action of the oil on the circulation. Small doses appar-
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On dissection, the abdomen was found distended by a cyst, of which
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exhilaration. Full doses of cocaine stimulate the psychical
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of stimulants and nutritious diet, he passed with dilTiculty tiirough
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Drome ll,Saoneand Loire 10, Jura 9, and so on; a division to
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