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A. R., a maid servant, aged 20, was sent to me in December,

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principal medical journal in Hungary, and, at a later period,

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hygienic surroundings to ami-liorate the condition of the

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Clause 9 appears to make all the bodies mentioned in Clause 7 (1)

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In both these cases the uterus was well developed, and the

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time as well. In this instance, as with spiritualism, there

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was twice elected President. His kind and genial manner on

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could play the piano, or row, as well as before the operation.

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from the hypodermic injection of antipyrin into the painful

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no burial should take place without the production of such

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TU,^ before the fire; next day he was quite lively, and on the

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the question of printing abstracts of papers for the annual

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neighbouring towns ouahc to meet practitioners who resort to such

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introduction treating of elementary optics, and a brief state-

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diphtheria, 55 from scarlet fever, ;;s from diarrhoea, ol from "fever"

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ing of the lips of the os, interfering with its dilatation. This,

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not use the scientific terms, but will simply speak of mild and

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an abscess above and behind the crest of the right ilium ; this was quite

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Upper Pa-'^ii J>ivision.—^A. J. McA. Blaney, M. A., Catholic University

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preparatory to an operation for adenoid. vegetations of the

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Medii.'al Officer. Applications to the Secretary by April 2ith.

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WiLLiAMS, William Edwin, F.R.C.S.Edin.. reappointed Medical Officer o£