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concept of a privately funded rural health clearing house for recruiting

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lapses. Hence it is a good locality to direct a patient to if he has con-

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in institutions, like prisons or mental health facilities. Our

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hospital stay, avoidance of maternal-neonatal separation,

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must be added to 100 gallons of the spirit ; the resulting mixture will be

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5500 N. Braeswood, No. 177, Houston, Texas 77096; 713-729-6068.

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" The above-mentioned information shall be printed on the labels in

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1. Size of Houses. — If there are no strong military reasons to the con-

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Gastroenterology — What’s New • Developmental

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operation for the sole purpose of performing a bilateral

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placed and the incision was closed loosely. At a second

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with it, so that the coal-tar may be thoroughly divided. Fifteen pounds of

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have existed in nature and it is known that the number of these

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'Roth and Lex (op. cit., p. 454 ) give a good description of these. See also for

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discharged into streams ? In the opinion of some authorities, if the pre-

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below the other, till every available place is exhausted, and the pollution

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formation provided by the respondents, individuals were

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College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030

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liquor potassse or ether, is stretched between a fixed point and a small

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per annum by a daily constant number of sick. This, however, must be

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Schiff, MD (Miami); and Elliot Weser, MD (San Antonio).

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sewage is mixed with 20 times its bulk of water, and flows for 9 miles, it will be per-

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acceptance of a written review for publication, a reviewer may

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Since physical and psychological dependence to chlordiazepoxide have been reported rarely,

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Florida. The patients in this hospital were moved to the

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toward learning is not only possible, but necessary, and

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located and constructed, it is a long step in advance of the privy. But the

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placed at the disposal of the Board by Mr. F. B. Thurber, one of its mem-

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nation in other directions, the time cannot be far distant when Sanitary

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Chemist (Ph.C.) and subsequently a license to practice

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constricted scope of Psychiatry into a truly medical

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into hospital have always increased among the French after night march-

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be summoned in a few moments to the rooms of the Board. "No emer-

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