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streptokinase: their place in the treatment of acute massive embolism. Am

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(Wood & Co. , New York) ; Report on the Manchester Royal Infirmary, by J. Netten

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and operative technique, to completely eliminate the

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tinued in operation during the interval of morning and afternoon service,

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1 On this point the history of Chili is interesting, as cholera has never reached it.

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1. First week in December, 1877. — Average external temperature, 38^-° ;

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Fifth Pan American Seminar, Oct. 15-19, Wolfson Auditorium,

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reviewed with the Staff the numerous events that have taken place in

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drained, than to erect long lines of smaller-sized wastes separately for such

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physiologic reasons, it is important or even mandatory to

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could not do because of Charter restrictions, or possible legal

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company or the employer in the selection of a physician.

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the assembly despite my vigorous protests I was kept off

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report on the recruiting of the army the same point was brought forward. Inquiries

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■ Low incidence of bacterial resistance in community

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to 5 of starch ; Moffat's proportion is 1 to 2^. The starch should be dis-

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land being only one quarter that of water, it both absorbs heat and gives it

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sary, also, to consider that the incubative period is longer than usually

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programmmed which will “flag” those instances in which

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resolutions were adopted directing the President and Secretaiy of the

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or several marathons, it would be my feeling that this

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tion, FDA has classified the following indications as "prob-

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increase in convulsive episodes has been reported. Gastrointestinal

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used zinc chloride. Dr. J. C. Wilson 2 suggests that the physician should

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evaporation. But leaves, dust, or insects sometimes choke this tube, so that

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and as these influences are in the highest degree complex, it is not at

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sponsor for the nutrition portion of the 1979 scientific program, to

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Stool Tests, False Negative Results Due to Storage of Specimens, Mayo Clinic Proc . 5 1 :548,