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caffein-sodium salicylate. If it is used as a heart stimulant, the dose of
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natural. The first symptoms of mental disorder were noticed soon
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rains from the east are common in the early months of the year ;
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of which is as follows : The normal heart does not use all its reserve
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quently ordered veal for my patients with nephritis and other diseases
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produce partial paralysis, as is often seen in sciatica. In this last
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these provisos, a sea voyage in winter in southern seas may be recom-
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fresh manifestation within a fortnight after it is sown. It can be
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and when trypanosomes were first discovered, until the time of death, and the periods
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the tables is evident upon inspection of the data there given, but
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hours, smell like that of an intoxicated person. The dose is 2-4 G.
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patient can be given a steam bath sitting in a cabinet, the head alone
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is so striking that one can be pretty sure whether he is dealing with
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(PI. 3, Fig. 45), or oval with blunt posterior end (PI. 3, Fig. 46).
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silver nitrate (always beginning with a weak solution) is then injected
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and gradually replaced the spotted fever virus. Whether it actually outgrew and "smothered" the virus
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transparent and colourless by the solution and abstraction of their
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History. — Three weeks ago the dog was bitten by a rabid dog. Four days ago
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as well as microscopically, I should like to refer to the case reported
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but if they had visited non-immune horses and bitten them imme-
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pressure and congestion in the veins and lungs. Two or three hours
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contact with even a particle of the wood. The active agent seems, however, to be an alkaloid, and there-
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patient may have one or more of the common forms of hernia, in
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uterine haemorrhage. The patient's age was 42. The present was
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water; % L. (II/2 pt.) of Bilin water; 1 L. (1 qt.) of the Obersalzbrunn
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reveals such an inaccuracy in the older methods for determining
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given (10 per cent, infusion of coffee added to milk) and 250-300 G.
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But surely the medical profession should know the best form of
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ing bits of ice, or very small quantities of iced Seltzer water or cham-
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These subjective symptoms are often accompanied by the objective symp-
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injuring the kidneys, strengthens and stimulates the heart, it is a
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The nurse places one corner of the towel on the patient's shoulder
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by a tepid bath or pack for 1% hours, and then by a tepid bath or a
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As for the diffuse changes, the cloudy sweUing and fatty changes
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ture had been made in typhoid fever. So far as leukaemia is concerned,
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benefit derived from both remedies is to be attributed. These facts
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in each case. Unless otherwise stated two intraperitoneal inocula-
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two ligatures, M. Pean cut off all the tumours close above them, and
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cases which recover becomes less as we approach crisis. A positive