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heart rate. With overdosage, a curare-like action may occur.

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cause of their predisposition to habituation and dependence.

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operations, which impurities will be imparted to the water.

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gency, however urgent, could, therefore, occur which it was not possible

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tion with IRDS. Northway, and later Tsai, were among the

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test is particularly useful in management of patients who

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• Dr. Prather, 2639 North Monroe Street, Suite 200-A,

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a cei-tain point (14 per cent.), as much was absorbed into the blood as

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annual basis. Following the publication of that position, the Committee

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ABSTRACT: A retrospective 4 year study identified 40 patients with combined coronary and peripheral

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3 On a Circular System of Hospital Wards, by John Marshall, F.R.S., etc. London,

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tion is individualized for each patient. There is still con-

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at the “Mercedes” and the “Calixto Garcia” hospitals.

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products of respiration and transpiration to the ceiling. It would be a

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Reprinted from “Cracker Cures,” published by the Peace River Valley Historical Society Dr Gordon H. McSwain, of Arcadia, is custodian.

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ADVERSE REACTIONS Hypersensitivity reactions such as rash, urticaria, leukopenia