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lages, but are fast disappearing under the vigorous measures of boards

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cial circumstances facing rural and urban physicians.

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esophageal clefts, require more specialized endoscopic

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disability secondary to severe curvature of the spine, and

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measures necessary. Variable effects on blood coagulation

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Epinephrine and, therefore, an exception should be made to allow

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backward to spend much time on dull, subjective clinical

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x 5 feet 3 inches base). Buttons and button-holes were sewn along three

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agents, especially by chlorine, iodine, and sulphurous acid gas.

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where learning goes on forever and this implies the

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Bradenton. For information: Leonides Y. Teves, M.D., 706 39th St.,

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The pathological effect produced by the too intense direct rays of the

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symptoms of this disease among troops. See also Dr. Boileau's interesting essay in

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Marilyn Rennels, Office of Continuing Education, UTHSC at San An-

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Schiebler, Gerold L., Gainesville 12-1, 165-2, 269-3, 516-5,

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volatile and potentially labile period of time, the patient’s

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with the usual therapeutic dose. Alcohol may enhance this effect. Drug rash

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Establishment of a support network in the community

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Day Care Center Immunizations — Adopted a policy that day

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school classes. The most serious of these are: (1 ) disappoint-

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Applied Therapeutics for Clinical Pharmacists, Second

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duodenal ulcer should be ruled out or assessed prior to

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should be done, I recommend that next year's plan include a fascicle

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