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embolectomy: a clinicopathologic study of 1 01 cases of massive pulmonary

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Schiebler, Gerold L., Gainesville 12-1, 165-2, 269-3, 516-5,

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treatise on University Oars, to show that rowing is beneficial. Dr. Lee has published

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The First Annual Symposium of the Academy of Medicine and Behavioral Sciences

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(6) The ages of those who die or who are invalided.

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several other drugs are more effective for these arrhythmias.

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Indications: Relief of moderate to severe depression associated with moderate to severe anxiety

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Mid-Winter Cruise on Intensive Care, Jan. 5-15, Aboard the “S/S

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3 Wanklyn, Water Analysis, 4th ed., p. 3; Bolley, Fischer, Kubel-Tiemann,

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Serious and occasional fatal hypersensitivity (anaphylactoid)

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