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commenced, good records can be a physician’s best ally.
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changes in salivation, slurred speech, tremor, vertigo, urinary re-
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soon denounced by the Machado police as revolutionary
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Withdrawal symptoms have also been reported following abrupt discontinuance of benzodi-
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Contraindicated: Known hypersensitivity to the drug. Children
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effort between a family practitioner in a town with a popula-
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The clothes are introduced at the top, the lid of the cylinder being lifted
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and injurious. It may, indeed, be asserted that the child's foot would be
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officers ; but, if means are provided, soldiers will generally be cleanly.
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' Stamm, in Pappenheim's Beitrage, 1862-63, p. 80. The measures adopted in Cairo
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behavior in relating, perceiving, and thinking about the en-
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Actions: The pharmacologic actions of theophylline are as a bronchodilator,
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short-term adjunct in a prescribed dietary regimen. Tenuate
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Skeen, of the 85th Regiment, who formerly gave evidence on the point,
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Registered trademarks of Marion Labs . Wyeth Lgbs . Roche Labs . respectively
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Hope and cheerfulness are great aids to health, no doubt, from their
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2. Pressure has no effect. The old observation of Prout, that the air is heavier in
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Bradenton. For information: Leonides Y. Teves, M.D., 706 39th St.,
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divided it into four stages. Stage one occurs between one
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completely is it retained, that although the skin has ceased to perspire,
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is no legal question regarding the ability of a trained medical assistant to
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I also hope, in closing, that you will find ways to
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The sick themselves are greatly benefited by the removal ; the change of
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Dose: Decoction of one-half ounce to the pint of boiling
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As an organization accredited for continuing medical education, the
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system explored. A CPI bipolar, large surface area 3.5
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age at least 1/3, administer in small increments Should not be administered
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furnace air down to its own level. This it does, even when there is no fire
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during its passage through the city, is no longer used as the main sewer, and although
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last decade. This relatively inexpensive modality which uti-
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urine (Goux system) ; in other cases the urine is carried off by a pipe into
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■International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Dallas, Feb 25-
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pulmonary embolectomies. JAMA 1 94 : 336-338, 1 965.
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The other classes of disease causing mortality need no comment.
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that would provide for "turn over" to another vehicle approximately every two or three years without additional investment,
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the medical problems of the aged will be appointed “Ruth
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1400 South Main, Suite 503, Fort Worth. Texas 76104; 817 338-4183
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have been reported in the high milligram/low potency