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muscular structure into a myosin coagulum, carbon dioxide, and a free acid,

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months, 12.8°. The climate is " extreme" and variable.

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Diagnostic Radiology for the Emergency & Primary Care

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chemical and electrical gradients and, therefore, is an

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t Although the dose of Bentyl used to show pharmacologic effect was 50 mg. , which is a higher single dose than that permitted in the labeling, the dose was

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3 Henle's Zeitschril't at. Med., Band xxxii., p. 283.

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Hospital, 4110 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78751.

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without risk of offence, for the draft is almost always inward. It is custo-

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-(unipolar signal off the tip electrode). Undersensing

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incapacitated. On the other hand, the symptoms of nerve

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house himself, to shelter himself from the weather when he had no house,

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assembled and input gathered as to the best possible approach to this

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this very air in the poi'es that does the work of chemical purification by

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soldiers often go into hospital for slight ailments which will not cause an

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for milk, and detects certain adulterations which affect the specific gravity

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part of the soils of these portions of North America were deposited in this

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Take Time to love and be loved ... It is a God-given privilege.

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vres have extended this system, and are now making him familiar with the

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stimulant. The actions of theophylline may be mediated through inhibition of

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Based on a dosage ol 500 mg q i d the following adjustment in dosai

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in fact has gained in nitrogen. This process may be slow, but it is certain ;

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there is increasing support for the use of lidocaine pro-

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clouds. To those described is added the form shown in No. 5, viz., Boll-

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identified, Drs. Josiah Bartlett, Benjamin Rush and

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yet been traced out ; and these sudden vicissitudes are often met by altered

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exclude foreign contamination, has never been shown to be an unwhole-

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serviceable that the suggestions we submit below are worthy of minute

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sanitary work, and disburse therefor the epidemic funds. In this man-

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entering in. An improved punkah, worked by horse or bullock, and sup-

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sing discipline. In our own army in former years, it is impossible to

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was alarmed at midnight and marched at one a.m. ; and continued march-