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trap. Nine successive pails were emptied, with loss of water in the trap

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contagia is minute ; some of them are not more than -5 o^-jnyth of an inch,

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one-half the sickness and mortality of the others, which were either im-

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other purpose, as in General Scott's plan of adding the materials for

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implanted pacemaker systems (3 ventricular, 1 atrial).

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daughters, Susan Glasscock and Constance Lebowitz; all of

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The soil of Newera Ellia is chiefly decomposed gneiss ; it is described

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in unpredictable serum levels and is not recommended. A

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for the dedicated physician. Army Medicine provides wide-ranging opportunities for the student, the resident,

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increasing minority representation in medicine, 1 many medi-

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Overdosage: Immediately hospitalize patient suspected of having taken an overdose Treatment

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common presence of other conditions, such as a hot rarefied, and perhaps

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the fact, stating that the difference in the health of the Prussian soldiers who carried

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In places where a sufficient slope exists, the sewage of single houses

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Human diploid cells vaccine (HDCV) is the latest in a line of

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residencies are offered. Most Army training facilities are affiliated with a medical school. Medical centers

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water will therefore be necessary, say one or two gallons. The sample

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contusion/necrosis. The most disconcerting fact which

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son, Noyes, Meissner, Pavy, Parkes, and others. At present the subject is being in-

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William M. Colmer, M.D., Vice-Chm., Area I Pensacola

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As a means for determining the amount of organic matter in a water, it is

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technology and treatment methods which result in better care,

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4 deaths from phthisis out of a strength of 439, or at the rate of 9.1 per

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8. On medical only or first aid cases, the insurance company or

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Bruit and the Ocular Pneumoplethysmography, Arch. Surg. 112: 1381, 1977.

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realize a more propitious status in the fulsome ecology of the

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chloride 0.5 gm orally 4 times per day for 5 days for a total

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should not unnecessarily risk the health or lives of our families.

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bulatory patients with chronic airway obstruction. Chest 65:483-487, 1974.

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During the past Association year, the Committee held two

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or whether they should be added at all. Difficult decisions

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Chairman, Mrs. James D. Moody (Margaret), of Orlando did an outstanding job with the able assistance of Mrs. John

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Examination using a 60 cm flexible sigmoidoscope is an

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not so. Consequently, sickness has to be calculated on the number not on

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Head injury and increased intracranial pressure: The respiratory depressant effects of narcotics and their capacity to

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pressure on the vessels and nerves. Abnormal insertions

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mental small bolus of lidocaine can be given 20 minutes after

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of two and four months. 15 A Surgeon of Police in Dundee,

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I. 75%; benzyl benzoate, 12%: Peruvian balsam. 1.8%; zinc oxide.