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the patient complained only of some pain in the region of the kidney and small

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synochal fevers is only 3 in 10,000. In Canada, Nova Scotia, and New

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increased specific gravity. The relation, therefore, is manifest

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amount of the depressor agent. Eight of these ten patients had

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ceding that of the publication of the Journal, viz. on 10th July, 10th October,

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when the pulmonary obstruction occurs after youth. When the

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miliary tuberculosis, of course, arises through the blood stream,

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to have injected the arsenic b}' an elastic tube, passed along the mouth and gullet

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to find the nature of the influence of the carbohydrate molecule

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rely for success. It is satisfactory too to reflect, that many cases liave been

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very dyspneic and cyanotic. A few days later a needle was intro-

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We venture but little, in asserting that few subjects in surgery are less gene-

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and tested by the experience of years in what will be admitted a suf-

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Corvisart was a young negro, set. 27. The upper and lateral portions

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not confined himself to those particulars which fall strictly within the

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family lines; and this conclusion is supported by the extinction of

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ants enjoy an exemption; and that yellow fever frequendy appears at Ireland

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on the part of the othei' ingredients, in diminishing the expectoration and consti-

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passing to the heart, gives rise to a similar accumulation in the veins of the part

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in her side, since when she had experienced extreme pain in breathing. On exami-

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tion of air, he concluded that venous blood contains some free carbonic acid. Ac-

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the influence of these agents the nutrition of the whole body has be-

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is found in the giadual arch of the abdominal face of the block, which

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important for the recognition of the existence of serious organic

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venesection and iced drinks, acidulated with mineral acids, to arrest the haemor-

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Boott on the Life and Opinions of John Armstro-ng, 4'C. 107

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leaden hue, or assumes a lighter tint; at the same time the hardness diminishes,

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poorly nourished, a mouth breather, with poor teeth, and a high,

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gous to those which in the normal state are secreted by the mucous membrane of

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1 3d " Posts north of latiliule 30o, and remote from

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(dentist) and radiographs of the temporomaxiilary joint and teeth were

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psychosis was first the emergence into consciousness of two elements

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the bronchi upon which their strength and resilience depend is

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injection. The temperature usually rises, then falls, but does not

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R. Uii-versYta' di Padova. Tradolte du Luigi Michelotti Dottore in Medi-

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the extent and situation of the fracture. I found the depression correspond-

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from the clinical, bacteriological, and pathological studies that we