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tracheal lumen. The patient was able to breathe through
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P. O. BOX 5554, RICHARDSON, TEXAS 75080 214/980-8775
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Two lines, one horizontal (axis of the abscissa?), and the other vertical
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deal of attention and discussion in recent years. This is a
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component fragments is very variable, and ranges from microscopical par-
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accept this " drinking-water theory," as it is called, maintaining the so-
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became popular around the time of the Civil War and by
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In June, 1879, the Board was given additional power b} r Act of Con-
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and jets, hydrants, hose and jets, are too expensive, and overweight the
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recognize teaching ability as an important factor in
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“Is Radical Surgery Really Necessary?” Everett V.
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set in type such as photographs, line drawings, graphs, charts
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Commissioners, from which it appears that on an average the chemical processes re-
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suggested in several studies. Consider possibility of
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ide) is the amide analogue of procaine hydrochloride
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methods (radiation and convection) should be employed ; the air warmed
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domestic uses is from the organic matter. Yet almost all the water used
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too great note of mean quantities, we may forget how great a range there
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needle biopsy of the pancreas. Surg Gynecol Obstet 140:361 -364, 1 975.
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fracture or dissection of the stenotic mitral valve,
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an internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago before ser-
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and health, and that in all cases these observations involve questions of how to remove
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by supposing an exhaustion of a special limited supply of food, which can-
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concern towards improving health of his fellow citizens.
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16. : Physicians and Medicine in Early Alachua County and Gainesville,
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considered so good as baking, but still is very useful. It is desirable to
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that the strong action of the heart during exercise is met by a more perfect
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Murphy has suggested in order to gain as much input from around the
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chotic episodes at recommended doses In a few epileptics an
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scribed; Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition Award; 8 hours.
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waters never flood the houses in the low parts of the town.
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artificially treated in any waj', either by chemicals or otherwise ; also where
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12. Heller LE, Dauphin C, Murray M: Academic achievements of Baylor
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rest, it is quite possible that there may be compensatory action, one part
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the human body His Majesty, however, persisted, but many of the citi-
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made in the United States in 1870 to furnish a complete census of the